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We talk about EVs, from the British perspective.  Practical, Technical and all about Electric Vehicles.

Look back at the 2020
Look back at the 2020
Looking back at 2020, reminding what has happened and giving a little commentary on each of the events. In new year’s event, Hyundai (kia) promises 11 new dedicated EVs by 2025 - In new year’s event, Hyundai promises 11 new dedicated EVs by 2025 : 25 EVs all together by 2025. Not bad, new platform, 800V based, sounds amazing. Their vehicles are very popular and due to the very good performance and efficiency - users are rather satisfiedNorway continued pushing pure EVs even more in 2020. At this point - rest of the europe and the UK should feel really ashamed. Our grid is far more accommodating and we also have much more accommodating weather for EVsTesla did well in 2020, with increasing numbers of deliveries quarter after quarter. And some minor improvements. But who cares about Tesla..CES2020 with Nissan Ariya Concept, Fisker Ocean and of course numerous concepts that I don’t have time to mentionSony showed their electric concept car. Sony. InterestingIonity became even more expensive, practically rendering it useless for current EV users. But I’m sure we will have to pay subscription fees or something similar in the future. No doubt, that will empty our pockets quicker - but only time will tellFiat updated e500 and its super cute. I want one. Iron Man infinite garage goals..Toyota continued the toxic and absolutely outrageously untrue “self charging hybrid” campaigns … rant timeTrump’s out. Dude is an utter idiot, who somehow got attention - out of many of Elon Musk. Make no mistake, people like Trump have had a very negative impact on sustainability of transportation in the USA and around the world. I could do an episode about how toxic these people were, but now that they are gone - I won’t waste too many breaths. Good riddance. GM announced that they have to make their future electric and that they can’t produce vapourware - at the same time as they backed “Nikola” . If you just said “who?” - that was correct reaction. Speaking of which, they were uncovered to be a complete vapourware. So, hydrogen is still not the future. Old news.. you heard it here first..Customers started receiving orders of Porsche Taycan. And reviews are rather positive. I haven’t had a chance to drive one, but I’ve heard its pretty coolElectric Hummer anyone? As expected, we had a lot of snarky comments from the crowd that used to buy these cars for different reasons. Oh well… A lot of EV sales. Not as many as we would love, but as you know - there were some factors at play in 2020 slowing things down. But the decade of EVs has started baby! Model Y, new versions of Kia E-Niro, Ioniq, ID.3 and many many moreDealerships are still the number one problem when it comes to EVs. The culture needs to shift. In the UK - National Express moved to stop buying diesel buses and began transition to pure electric. That’s good news. Volvo releases electric lories . I’ve yet to see the on the roads around europe - but lets hope they will come soonMany oil companies announced that they will meet their emission targets by 2050. Someone should tell them, that there might be a problem with that. I bet you, many of them are still waiting for hydrogen breakthrough. Sales of cars have dropped worldwide, due to the pandemic - but overall percentage of EVs sold - went up - still growing, I wonder how many enquired about pure electric Harley Davidson motorcycle, after watching the Apple TV’s “The Long Way up”UK Moves the sales of ICE cars ban to 2035 from 2040Lucid show their production ready car. Lucid came out , and I’m positively surprised. side effect of lockdown and slowdown of travel by air - up to 10% reduction in emissions. That is incredible proof that we are indeed polluting way too much and impacting the habitat for ourselves way too muchFerrari still thinks that EVs are not viable. Go figureWe got green license plates for pure EVs in the UKin my opinion - the Tesla Battery event was underwhelming, if not a bit disappointing Dyson cancelled his electric car.Oh, and teslas are still not driving themselves. I know, shocker. Merch!Cognitive Dissonance podcastHey Scoops Podcast★ Support this podcast on Patreon ★