Bonus Episode: Mondragon, saving our humanity, and how I became me

The Boss Mom Podcast

Nov 16 2016 • 35 mins

This is a fun Bonus episode that I just had to record that talks about my step-father and the things our family did when I was growing up that made me the Boss Mom I am today. I also talk about my dad's new sci-fi book, and how it's topic is so relevant for our current times, and as parents of the next generation.

I personally think this little bonus episode is a fun, and also relevant episode for just about anyone.

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • How Dana's stepdad and mom have influenced her thinking and her creativity.
  • Dana's stepdad's new book.
  • A view into Dana's childhood, growing up with her mom and stepdad.
  • How exercises from around the dinner table have led to her correlations.
  • How to cultivate creativity in your own kids.
  • The book reading experience.
  • An overview of the book.
  • Being artful and mindful in creativity.

Referenced in the show:

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