Kerbs, Qualifying, Max's Vengeance - 2024 Canadian GP Preview

Inside Line F1 Podcast

Jun 3 2024 • 43 mins

The "kerbs" at the Gilles Villeneuve Circuit in Montreal, that's where everyone's eyes could be in the build-up to this weekend's 2024 Canadian Grand Prix.

Will Red Bull Racing's RB20 continue to struggle over the kerbs, and if so, could this give us another non-Red Bull Racing win in 2024? From the Ferrari and McLaren drivers, Oscar Piastri is the only driver yet to score a win.

In Monaco, Piastri could've scored pole and then won the race had he strung all his sectors together in Qualifying. Could he be the one challenging for win in Canada this weekend? Btw, 3 x DRS zones means Red Bull Racing will have that much more tarmac to unleash their efficient DRS wing on!

All eyes also on the wind and the temperature - could the wind catch Ferrari out and could cooler temperatures bring Mercedes into play? Is there a Sergio Perez-Red Bull Racing announcement expected pre-Canada? Btw, the Lance Stroll Grandstand has been sold out for this weekend. It's his home race. Can he do something special...for once?

Lots to look forward to on and off the track...and in this 40+ mins long episode.

Tune in!

(Season 2024, Episode 26)

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