Ferrari Aces Strategy, Really!? 2024 Japanese GP Review

Inside Line F1 Podcast

Apr 7 2024 • 46 mins

Is Ferrari really on the mend? They only scored a 3-4 finish in the 2024 Japanese Grand Prix BUT that finish came at the back of very good tyre degradation...and race strategy.

Now whether you've been following Formula 1 recently or for the past many years, you would know that these are two factors that have usually held Ferrari back on the Sundays. Helmets off to Frederic Vasseur and all of Ferrari for having turned these variables around in their favour.

You know what made Ferrari's race strategy and tyre degradation even more impressive? The track was at its hottest on Sunday - and that impacts tyre wear and usage directly.

Elsewhere, Max Verstappen won his 57th race in Formula 1; after scoring his 36th career pole on Saturday. Verstappen has been unbeaten in Qualifying in the first 4 races of the season. Is this a new streak building up?

Sergio Perez is doing what's expected of him, but how has he turned things around? Who has picked up the pieces in the top-10 each time they were available? Also, why did Lewis Hamilton ask to swap position with George Russell? Why was McLaren unable to challenge Ferrari at Suzuka.

Lots of race discussions...insights, stats and banter with Soumil Arora, @f1statsguru and Kunal Shah in this episode of the Inside Line F1 Podcast.

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(Season 2024, Episode 15)

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Image courtesy: Ferrari