Nobody In Sports Is Safe! (8/8/2022)

Davey Mac Sports Program

09-08-2022 • 1 hr 2 mins

It's a no-holds-barred Davey Mac Sports Program as the DMSP lets loose on the world of Sports and takes no prisoners!   With this week's special guest and comedian Stephen Lewis!   Roy Harter returns and Robert is producing and Davey Mac is spitting lava!   The YES Network is under fire by not putting Dave on the "Notable Fordham Broadcasters" list!   Shizer!   The New Jersey Hall of Fame is put in the crosshairs with their continued disrespect of Dave!   Shizer!   And Brad Pitt admits that he has a Shizer List of his own! Shizer!   Plus, Oklahoma coach fired after using a bad word, Gil Brandt, Pete Rose, MLB umps, and much MORE!  It's an action-packed episode that you need to experience right now!   It's the DMSP, baby!   You're gonna die!   Visit for more!   YES!