Bronx Johnny, The Rider & The Horror (Davey Mac Sports Program 06/20/22)

Davey Mac Sports Program

21-06-2022 • 59 mins

Yeeeeehhaaaw!   The legendary Davey Mac Sports Program is back with another killer episode and we mean that literally!   Bronx Johnny of High Society Radio (Gas Digital) is the special guest star for the evening and things get nuts!   Controversy!   Comedy!   Chaos!    Dave puts Johnny under Interrogation! We have one of the most dramatic game shows ever with The Bronx Johnny Yankee Trivia Challenge! Dave discusses being banned from SiriusXM and the one way he could get back in to say hello to his friends Earl "Sapphire", Chris "Pepper" Stardust, and Ronnie R.B.!   Plus, we talk the Sports!   NBA Finals!   Phil Mickelson controversy continues and Chris "Mad Dog" Russo likes Dave's tweet!   Eli The Football-Throwing Donkey debuts!   And MORE!   Enjoy this epic episode today!   Visit for more podcasts, videos, and whatnot!   BOOM!