Mike & The Bo Dawg (Davey Mac Sports Program 04/04/22)

Davey Mac Sports Program

05-04-2022 • 39 mins

It's a new Davey Mac Sports Program (with Roy Harter) as the Dave Man talks the sports with long-time friend and sometimes rival...Daniel "Bobo" Kurlan!   Bo has a new sports podcast, Best Seats In The House, and chats about it!   Little Davey the Puppet comes back to talk to his friend Bo!   Dave discusses nearly dying after half-falling through his mom's attic ceiling!   Mike & The Bo Dawg make a return!   Predictions for March Madness Finals!   Swimmer Lia Thomas!   And so much more!   Enjoy, dogsie!   Visit EastSideDaveCountry.com for more awesomeness!   FACE!