Pepper Is Interrogated! (Davey Mac Sports Program 05/23/22)

Davey Mac Sports Program

24-05-2022 • 56 mins

It's an epic and electrifying, new, Davey Mac Sports episode as Chris "Pepper" Stanley is this week's special guest star and is, in fact, given the new title of special-guest-frequent-contributor-infrequent-special-guest co-host!   Plus, there's a special announcement that turns out to be not-so-special...depending on your point of view!   Pepper is put under Interrogation by Davey Mac!   Oh, and we talk the Sports, daddy!   NBA Playoffs and Pepper Prop Bets!   The Preakness!   Joe Buck STINKS!   Josh Donaldson controversy!   AND MORE!   Let's rock the mic and shoot it to the sky, baby!   It's Davey Mac Sports!   YES!