Pepper Sting Operation! (08/01/22)

Davey Mac Sports Program

02-08-2022 • 55 mins

Oh, hell yeah!   The Davey Mac Sports Program welcomes special guest star and reluctant guest host Chris "Pepper" Stanley to the show and let the fireworks begin, daddy!   Controversy and chaos ensue abundantly!   Davey Mac and Pepper discuss the Deshaun Watson breaking news!   Plus, we chat about the death of the legendary Bill Russell and Dave gives a hot take!   Jivey the Puppet stops by briefly!   Roger Goodell is a piece of trash!   Aaron Judge is a baseball god!   Gil Brandt is back and has controversial comments!   We discuss the Madden football hotline and the disgustingness of the new NFL streaming service!   Dave plays guitar for Pepper!   And so much more!   It's a massive and epic and magical DMSP episode that you need to experience right now!   BAM!