Ep 37: Tim Melanson's interview : How to start and run business successfully


09-09-2021 • 21 mins

About Tim Milanson :



Tim Melanson graduated with a degree in Computer Science from the University of New Brunswick in the year 2000.  While working as a software developer for a large telecommunications company for 8 years, Tim was playing music in local bands on the side.  When his company closed it's doors and Tim found himself without a job, he decided to start his own business as a technical support consultant.  After several different businesses in sales & marketing as well as IT, Tim found his perfect fit as a website developer and founder of Creative Crew Agency.  His agency is a one stop shop online business support agency providing graphic design, website implementation and ongoing support for online businesses.  Tim's goal is to help people transition from a job to a business.  He is also the host of the Work At Home RockStar Podcast, which is a resource to help people start and grow their home business.

Youtube video available at : https://youtu.be/nkFjXTNY620

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