Ep 36 -Jordan-Lee Garbutt: The unique power of sound to create stunning Art pieces and Photographs


10-08-2021 • 28 mins

Available _ https://youtu.be/IHovlc8rvIc

About guest speaker (Jordan-Lee Garbutt)

After graduating with distinction at the top of his photography class. Jordan followed his

dreams and moved to Cape Town to be at the heart of the South Africa’s entertainment

industry. Working his way up from making coffee and washing dishes on ground zero, he

would soon feel the industries heartbeat. Three short seasons along, and Jordan had

assisted on shoots from stock libraries to magazine editorials. His road has taken him to the

jugular of his trade, where he assisted the likes of award-winning photographers such as

Annie Leibovitz and  Vincent Dixon. A guest speaker at the Photo and Film Expo’, Africa’s

largest photographic event in 2015, Jordan has grown and evolved. The Director, once full-

time photographer captured the industry with his exhibition, “The Power of Sound”. Its

successes have seen him featured on major online, print and television media platforms

across South Africa.  Jordan’s plans for the future comprises of creating a variety of

photographic series, as well as getting a TV series that he has created and filmed. For more

information or to purchase, please visit: https://www.jordanleegarbutt.com/.