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Ep-43 An interview with Brian Smith - Author & AdvisorEp - 42 : Bizemag Podcast with Mary K Saverese - Bestseller Author from New YorkEp 41 : Miss Freddye - Cancer Survivor and Multiple Blues Music Awards winner from USA
Also available on Youtube channel @Lstartegyq  https://youtu.be/8WkcYNTlvKA About Miss Freddye : As Pittsburgh's "Lady Of The Blues," Miss Freddye keeps the blues alive in her hometown. Miss Freddye began singing in church at a young age. The influences of church and her mother's love of blues music, gave Miss Freddye the foundation to venture in the world of blues music in 1996. She joined BMW(Blues Music Works) under the direction Of "Big" Al Leavitt. In 2002, Miss Freddye went on to form Blue Faze and several years later, Miss Freddye started two bands, Miss Freddye's Blues Band (electric blues) and Miss Freddye's Homecookin Band, (acoustic blues, classic rock, gospel.)Miss Freddye’s influences include Koko Taylor, Etta James, Billie Holiday, Sarah Vaughn, Big Mama Thornton, Bessie Smith, and "Big" Al Leavitt. Her charity works include: Relay for Life American Cancer Society, Pink Day in Leechburg, PA for Breast Cancer Research Foundation, Sean Carney's Blues For A Cure, Local VFWs and American Legions, Toys for tots, homeless veterans, Band Together Pittsburgh, and Sing to Stop domestic violence. She has won past blues competitions; 2008 West Virginia Blues Society for Best Blues and 2012 Blues Society Of Western PA Best Duo/Solo Act. In 2014, Miss Freddye was awarded the Star Award from the Pittsburgh VA Medical Center for her work with veterans. She was awarded the 2015 Freedom From Silence Award from the Center For Victims. Miss Freddye has won in the Iron City Rocks Awards for Best Blues Band in 2016, 2017, and 2019. Her self-released CD, "Lady Of The Blues" won for Best Album in 2017. In 2018, Miss Freddye was nominated for two Blues Foundation Awards, one for Best Emerging Artist CD and The Koko Taylor Traditional Blues Female. Her latest single, “Something To Believe In” is from her forthcoming gospel album, scheduled for 2021 release. Social media www.facebook.com/missfreddye www.twitter.com/@missfreddye17 Instagram-missfreddyesblues http://www.missfreddye.com
22 mins
Ep 40 - Embrace the change with Bill Abernathy
Also Available on https://youtu.be/9FhYOoCJSgA About Bill Abernathy : Bill Abernathy Bio Everyone loves a good story about second-chances, and that’s exactly what Bill Abernathy’s story is all about.  The Kansas City, Missouri resident began writing songs in his early teens.  He played all through his school years, but then he stopped...Life took over. Bill went about getting married, building a business career, and raising his children. After his kids graduated from school and started their careers, Bill picked up the guitar again and began trying to rekindle his love of music. “Inspiration for my music comes from a variety of the many parts of my life,” Bill says.  “Events and experiences of mine, my family, my friends, and sometimes even people I have never met all, contribute to the creativity of my music. I find it interesting and rewarding to let my imagination wander through the memory and spirit of life events and see where it takes me.” Bill is a pure "lyrics-first" writer...a bit of a storyteller. “I feel the story and lyrics talk to me and tell me what the rest of the song is supposed to sound like,” he says. His last album, 2017’s “Find A Way” reached #5 on the Roots Music Report Traditional Folk Album chart, and the single, “Goodbye Will Never Come Again” reached #1 on the singles chart. Bill’s last collection of songs, the Roots Music Report Americana chart-topping album, “Crossing Willow Creek” is available now. The first single, “Cry Wolf” reached the iTunes Top 100 Rock Songs chart, while hitting the Top 5 on New Music Weekly’s country chart. The next two singles also received national and international charting.  Bill was also a December 2018 Billboard Magazine Emerging Artist.  He recently toured the mid-west on his “Living The Dream” solo tour. “Sometimes life is good to you and gives you a second chance. In my youth I walked away from music for a myriad of personal reasons. Now, I've now been given a second chance to pursue this thing we love called music, and I am really enjoying the ride!” Bill’s brand new single, “A Thousand Wild Horses” from a forthcoming EP, was released in June 2021 and reached #1 on the South African ITunes Country Songs chart!
24 mins
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