Pearl Jam Goes DEEP! Plus, Eddie Vedder Plays Vax Live

Jamily Matters

14-05-2021 • 30 mins

Pearl Jam releases over 180 live shows as part of the DEEP Immersive Experience and Roche and Billie are overwhelmed (in a great way) by it. Billie gives some behind the scenes insight on the daunting task for a musician to put 5000+ songs on each streaming service and the exhaustive work that goes into it. Did the DEEP drop ruin 6 years of Roche's work on a project? Yes and no. He explains that and why he was happy to see Ed perform hatless at the Vax Live concert. Plus, the duo give their thoughts on the alternate version of "Corduroy" he performed at the show and the surreal experience of seeing live music played in front of a crowd.

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