Week 53 | 9/9/96 | Undertaker vs. Salvatore Sincere (WWF) John Tenta vs. Macho Man (WCW)

The Monday Night WARtchAlong

25-07-2021 • 57 mins

In week 53 we have two RAW main events as they had a special Friday episode as well. In the 9/6/1996 Friday night main event, it's Shawn Michaels vs. Goldust and then on the 9/9/1996 main event of RAW, it's Undertaker vs. Salvatore Sincere. (why?) Then moving over to Nitro, we have a few appearances from the NWO, including Sting attacking Lex Luger?!? The main event of Macho Man vs. John Tenta and an ending segment of the WCW guys spray painting the NWO's limo.......in the rain. Watch it with us!If you have any other matches you would like to hear us do a watchalong to, send us an email to bangdangpodcast@gmail.com