Dragging It - Told by a Black College Student

Pleasant Minority

I'm an African American male who went to the New York State University of Cortland. My experience was terrible and I'd like to share it with all of you. Offering it as a learning tool, I strive for the betterment of knowledge in all people. "In the absence of knowledge, Ignorance is born." - Zaire Higgins

Imagine going through a 3-year journey through the filthy depths of ignorance and entitlement. It hurts to watch those around me be ignorant. It also hurts to watch people knowingly do the wrong thing. They do so through entitlement though. "If it doesn't directly affect me, it doesn't matter." The mentality those ignorant and entitled often have. That's only one side of the spectrum though. It's multifaceted, on another hand; you have people making of themselves what truly makes you you, but not giving a single bit of credit for it. It's like they take a piece of you and then say fuck you right after. It hurts. It makes you question your identity. It makes you question whether your existence is even worth it. What's the point when you're outcasted for doing the right thing? This isn't even the full extent of problems the problems sadly. I've only bluntly scratched the surface. Listen for more...You'll be intrigued. Maybe even learn a thing or two.

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