What is the connection between Feelings - your Breath - and Money? Nidhu B Kapoor explains!!

The Mystic Lotus and Dragonflies

Oct 2 2022 • 1 hr 57 mins

Nidhu B Kapoor with You Get $200,000$! Why Not! on The Devi Tele Summit 2022 presented by The Mystic Lotus and Dragonflies

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1. No. 1 Thing to 100% Transform Your Money Story!

2. How you FEEL triggers how you THINK!

3. Money anxiety has NOTHING to do with Money!

4. 5 MONEY Disruptors You Must Know NOW!

5. Say 'No' To Say 'Yes' To Monies!

Highlights from the Call

The Remarkable Connection between Breath & Money (DON'T MISS the call replay for complete understanding)

- We make money as we breathe. Exhaling is letting go. Inhaling is receiving. How you breathe shows up in your Money story

- If you know how to breathe, you will know how to make more Money. As you breathe better, you will make better Money

- You make Money not by how you think but by how you feel! And how you feel is how you breathe! And how you breathe is how you make Money!

• Money struggles are never about Money!

• The more alone you feel, the more money struggle you will have. It is not about not having people around. There is an aloneness to your anxiety and struggles. Aloneness comes when we feel unloved and unwanted

5 MONEY disruptors You Must Know -

- anger: Money stopper - guilt: desire to be punished. Guilty people don’t know how to save Money

- regret: Money blocker and stopper. Regret says “I don’t deserve Money”

- insecurity: doesn’t allow the ability to take a chance, to gamble, to sustain, and to maintain

- stress  Check out the call replay highlights for clearing these disruptors instantly!

• You are not angry because you don’t have money, you don’t have Money because you are angry

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