5 realistic expectations you need for your B2B audience

Death to the Corporate Video

Oct 21 2022 • 33 mins

When releasing marketing videos, especially in B2B, we all need to have realistic expectations of our audience. They are generally not approaching your video with the same mindset that you are. Keeping these realistic expectations in the back of your mind as you create content will help you make videos that are more likely to be watched and thus more effective.

The 5 realistic expectations to have of your B2B audience

  1. They don’t care about you or your competition as much as you do.
  2. They don’t pick up on subtlety or nuance
  3. They’re satisficing. They are not on a journey for ultimate truth or knowledge.
  4. In the absence of your marketing, they will default to safety.
  5. The odds of them watching a whole video are low.

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