5 things to know before starting a B2B video ad project

Death to the Corporate Video

Nov 17 2022 • 25 mins

When starting a new project of any kind, unrealistic expectations are the quickest way to guarantee failure. Since many B2B companies are new to creating video ads, this episode will provide the realistic expectations that you should have going into a new video ad project.

Top 5 realistic expectations to have of your B2B video ad project

  1. It can take a while to start working.
  2. It’s expensive.
  3. Producing the ads takes time.
  4. Attribution is difficult.
  5. You need a distribution plan and budget for paid media.

For more on each one, listen to the episode or read the transcript below. Plus: all these expectations sound like a real bummer. Why should you make a B2B video ad anyway?

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