5 B2B ad trends for 2022

Death to the Corporate Video

Jul 28 2022 • 23 mins

We’re just over halfway through the year, and we’ve been noticing some common trends in B2B ads in 2022. Guy and Hope sat down to discuss four trends that you can jump on for 2022, and one that’s played out.

Top 5 B2B ad trends for 2022

  1. “Not boring” B2B advertising is the new normal.
  2. B2B brands are starting to use more celebrities in their ads.
  3. The word of the year for B2B ads in 2022 is “brand.”
  4. The one-size-fits-all B2B video is dead. RIP.
  5. Using history to explain web3 and Industry 4.0 products is played out.

To learn more about each trend, listen to the episode or read the transcript. The “2030 B2B Trends: Contrarian Ideas For The Next Decade” report from the B2B Institute is available here.

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