The biggest mistake marketers make when starting a creative project

Death to the Corporate Video

Sep 22 2022 • 13 mins

When starting a new creative project, marketers may worry about making a mistake by overpaying or choosing the wrong agency.

However, the biggest mistake that we see clients making has nothing to do with the RFP. The biggest mistake is when clients start a new creative project with the final idea and creative solve already baked in their minds.

What are some issues that arise when you’ve already settled on your creative idea before the project even starts?

  1. If you already have the idea finalized in your head, you may be resistant to the agency’s suggestions.
  2. You may contort a strategy to fit the creative idea, rather than going where the strategy takes you. You end up using a flawed strategy to justify what you were going to do anyway (which defeats the point of a strategy!).
  3. If you got project approval based on an idea rather than an outcome, you may have trouble with stakeholders. They may be resistant to the agency’s suggestions, or they may blame you if the result is ineffective.
  4. If the idea is good, then skip the creative agency entirely! Go to a production company or a designer to execute your vision. It’ll save you time and money.

For more on each side effect, listen to the episode or read the transcript below.

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