Ep. 371 – Memorial Day 2022: In memoriam...

Ducks Unlimited Podcast

30-05-2022 • 4 mins

Smiling faces. Barbeque grills overflowing with hot dogs and hamburgers. Pool parties with friends and family. A pleasant boat ride around the lake.

These are the scenes of Memorial Day, celebrated every May on the month’s final Monday. It’s a three-day weekend, school is out, summer begins, good times in the sun are ahead.

But we can’t forget what’s behind this day.

The name itself tells the tale, memorial signifying recognition of meritorious service. Another word comes to mind immediately though, sacrifice. Memorial Day signifies a day of remembrance for the fallen in wars throughout history around the globe.

At Ducks Unlimited, we urge everyone to take a moment this weekend to reflect on the true meaning of Memorial Day and give thanks to those who gave everything so we could live in a country where freedom is enjoyed and not wished for.

Thanks to all of you for supporting Ducks Unlimited’s wetlands conservation mission. And thank you to those brave souls who embraced their call to duty and made the ultimate sacrifice.

As you spend time in the outdoors this weekend, think about the fact that it’s all possible because someone’s courageous act ensured our freedoms.

From all of the staff and volunteers at Ducks Unlimited, Happy Memorial Day and thanks to everyone who has served and continues to serve our great nation.