Social Activism, Fighting Racism, and Spreading Awareness: Hip Hop For Change and a Conversation with Khafre Jay

Chatting About Change with Dr. Jim Maddox

19-10-2021 • 53 mins

My guest this episode is Khafre Jay, Executive Director on Fire, Hip Hop Organizer, Entrepreneur, and Pedagogist; Nonprofit Strategist, Speaker, DOPE MC, Songwriter, & Best Dad Ever.  Khafre heads up the nonprofit, Hip Hop for Change and shares his powerful story of growing up in San Francisco Hunter’s Point, and how he is using his platform as an artist and social activist to bring awareness and change around racism and racial injustice.  He has spoken to over 20,000 youth across the globe and shares his passion and anger around the problems facing our society.  He is fighting to change dangerous stereotypes and is driven to make the world just a little bit easier for kids to walk through this earth being who they are.  We discuss the importance of owning one’s narrative and claiming your own voice and the importance of authenticity.