Building Mental Wealth With Michael Gilbert

Learning From Your World

Mar 13 2023 • 37 mins

What is mental wealth – and how can I get more of it?

Michael Gilbert is the founder of Lumin-us, a nonprofit start-up with the goal of helping young adults find mental wealth through social therapy and asking questions like “What’s your bright spot?”. Michael and I discuss how we can use social therapy to improve mental wealth in ourselves and the people around us.

In this episode, I also talk to Michael about:

- Guidance for parents looking to support their kids’ mental health. (7:00) - Direction for people who are silently struggling. (13:07) - What employers and employees can do to improve mental wealth in the workplace. (20:57)

Challenge: At [36:06], Michael shares a simple challenge you can do right now to improve your mental wealth.


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Look for Lumin-us on Project Pitch It season 7 this Spring!

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