Couples & Truffles. Is psychedelic assisted couple therapy our 2.0 version?


16-12-2021 • 56 mins

Today I am talking about couples and (magic) truffles, and yes, I mean psychedelic assisted couples therapy. So why could this type of therapy be groundbreaking for the coming years? Why could it be a version of therapy 2.0? And if so, what would it look like? Who would you and your partner be, if you met without the trauma you might carry with you? Today, we got two experts, who are executing an interesting version of truffle assisted couples therapy. I talk to the therapist Jeanien Souren and psychiatrist Hans van Wechem, both are in charge of couples therapy at Field Trip in Amsterdam. With an extensive professional career in mental health, Jeanine Souren holds degrees in psychology, psychotherapy, clinical sexology and couples & family therapy. She is accredited and licensed in the Netherlands and has worked as a lead clinician in several mental health settings. She is passionate about the therapeutic potential of psychedelics in combination with psychotherapy. Jeanine believes that by tapping into the deep psyche through psychedelics, suppressed patterns, emotions and beliefs can be made conscious again, allowing for healthy change. Hans van Wechem has almost 30 years of experience in psychiatry and started his career as a registered couples and family therapist before specializing in (group) psychotherapy of patients with early childhood trauma and attachment disorders. After a life-changing psychedelic experience, he recognized the potential of psychedelics in therapy. He now contributes to projects such as MAPS in their efforts to investigate MDMA for the treatment of PTSD and has a wide network in the psychedelic community. His main interest lies in contributing to a future in which the use of psychedelics will become widely accepted, both as an evidence-based treatment and as a powerful catalyst for personal and spiritual growth.

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