Journey Clinical - How to decentralize treating depression


27-01-2022 • 52 mins

Journey Clinical, Jonathan Sabbagh and Myriam Barthes, is my guest today. VCs named their company one of the top 15 startups in the psychedelic field. Journey Clinical is a turnkey telehealth platform that enables licensed psychotherapists to include legal, evidence-based Psychedelic Assisted Psychotherapies (PAP) in their practice, starting with Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP). Their novel decentralized clinic model provides member psychotherapists with unprecedented access to a KAP-trained medical team, as well as a robust care management platform designed to deliver personalized treatment plans for enhanced clinical outcomes. Myriam describes the new clinical system as a triangle. In the first corner is the patient, in the second the journey clinical doctor, who is able to describe and administer the ketamine, in the third corner is the Journey Clinical member psychotherapist, vetted and often independent, who works with the patient after the treatment. Jonathan describes the company as a “one stop shop where all the required treatments get offered to you”. Which means, as a patient, you would not have to run around to physicians, psychiatrists or therapists,who would eventually contradict each other in their diagnosis or where at least one party would not be open to Ketamine Assisted psychotherapy. Journey Clinical is your new psychedelic in house doctor. Both founders have a background in finance and both have experienced how their lives have transformed with psychedelics. Jonathan, working in hedge funds, suffered from a heavy burn out and undiagnosed PTSD and addiction condition, he looked into an ayahuasca and MDMA experiences. Myriam is a firm believer in plant medicine, she had her own psychedelic healing story.We talk about, how therapists join the network, can access educational videos , then join peer consultation groups and then can start referring patients to the ketamine therapy, how Ketamine can support tapering off antidepressants that patients will still need to take, how repressed feelings and underlying topics of patients made their way to the top during COVID, which amplified peoples crisis and depression even more, how with a few Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy sessions things start to bubble up, how the modern psychedelic clinic can look like very soon.

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