Robert Bent - Just a psychedelic trip won’t change anyone.


19-05-2022 • 56 mins

Robert Bent works with the VC fund Vine Ventures and is co-founder and CEO at Othership, a global community to improve mental health in an accessible way. Othership combines beautiful social spaces that deliver peak experiences and a mobile app that teaches breathwork. Prior to Othership, Robbert was Ecosystem Growth lead at the Ethereum Foundation. He graduated from the Richard Ivey School of Business. Roberts story is a modern one. By late 2013, after being super successful, Robert hit rock bottom. He felt burnt out, low, tired from his career in finance, was struggling with a substance abuse problem. He escaped to Israel, tried a ten day Vipassana retreat, finally went to Peru to try Ayahuasca.From here, Robert's life changed: he engaged in breath work practices, joined Vine Ventures and co-founded “Othership". Roberts vision, as he says,” is to create space that encourages openness to the awe, belonging, and interconnectivity that animates the human experience for a more joy-filled life and living.” He is building a platform that includes physical spaces, a mobile app, a concert tour and a global community. Robert and I talk about the Othership to use ice bathing and sauna to keep reflecting on your psychedelic experience, why people stop consuming alcohol once they engaged in psychedelics and how a future life with an integrated idea of psychedelics looks like.

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