Diana Kinnert - On TikTok, Mental Health and the Politics of Loneliness.


05-08-2021 • 1 hr 5 mins

Diana Kinnert is a German politician, political consultant, and publisher. In 2015 she became the youngest chief of staff in the history of the Bundestag when she ran the parliamentary office of Peter Hintze. She is a frequent media commentator on public policy in Germany, and is affiliated with a number of think tanks and advisory committees of the Christian Democratic Union of Germany. Kinnert has the right amount of forward thinking and meeting people where they are at. She is also a firm believer that mental health becomes one of the most important things in our society. And, that loneliness can be looked upon as an illness. (In some countries, this is an accepted fact.) I highly recommend Dianas book “Die neue Einsamkeit: Und wie wir sie als Gesellschaft überwinden können” or “The new lonley”. Diana and I talk about this “new lonely” and how it affects not only older people, but a whole new generation of people under 30. There is a certain way of living very casually, not committed to things and people, that leaves a lot of us sad and disconnected. Something that is sometimes hard to figure out or even realise. Especially since this generation is perfectly connected in the digital world. More than anyone else. This explains to me, why we get lots of requests at The New Health Club from young people in their 20 or 30 about micro dosing, and most people tell us they would like to feel, to reconnect, but often can’t say with what and how. The “new lonely”and the rise of psychedelics and psychedelic therapy, is strongly connected. And this is our big topic here.

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