The Humane Spectrum

Ernie L Vecchio

Humbly sitting and assisting others in healing from severe trauma, Ernie L. Vecchio has spent his career understanding the human psyche and its response to suffering. His clients say: “It is sad that we have to sever a spinal cord or be amputated to care where we land on a Humane Spectrum matters!” Today, Vecchio offers evidence that our shared inner journeys have a common theme: everyone experiences division. He suggests that people have to heal their inner division before such repair appears in the culture. Then, and only then, can we connect, be empathetic, and have a reciprocal relationship with others. *** No podcast is complete without a ‘a similar voice’ that speaks from a place of experience regarding the joys and struggles of inner work. In that vein, Heart as Compass is honored to share the journey with mind, body, and soul life coach Irma Francis. Her support naturally fosters a sacred space for congruence, creativity, and a safe place to be. “I believe that within all of us there is a place of love and wholeness,” she says. “Once activated, a dimension that can help all of us be a higher version of ourselves.” read less