Ep #20 - Creating An Explosive Power Partnership

The Karyn Jeneen Podcast

Feb 1 2023 • 36 mins

Jordan and Paul Aspen are currently running a business together called Civilized Animal Productions.  Jordan is passionate about this business because when she and Paul were dating, she was cautioned against dating another creative type. However, she has realized that passion is essential for a healthy relationship.

They started out as roommates who had a mutual friend. Despite not having an immediate attraction for one another, they built a friendship through their shared love of poetry and writing. They started reading Paradise Lost together, and from there their relationship blossomed. They found that they could be a powerful couple together and have a productive, explosive relationship that was directed outward, not toward each other. They found success in running a business together and have created a beautiful and balanced relationship.

Listen in as Jordan shares what caused tension between her and her husband and how they use that tension to create an explosive power partnership.


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Instead of pulling away from the tension and then creating more tension because you're fighting against the tension, lean into the tension, because eventually, when the synergy happens, the tension is going to create an explosion.

Boundaries are necessary everywhere, and you need to know your personal boundaries, and we need to communicate, communicate them clearly, but also communicate them ongoing because boundaries can shift and change.


0:00:03 Welcome to the Karyn Jeneen Podcast

0:03:52 A Conversation with Jordan of Civilized Animal Productions

0:05:53 Conversation on Power Couples and Business Partnerships

0:07:57 A Reflection on Tension and Success

0:13:08 The Benefits of Tension in Relationships: A Sewing Metaphor

0:14:42 Heading: Exploring the Power of Tension and Synergy in Business with Civilized Animal Productions

0:18:47 Heading: Exploring the Tension of Double Mindedness

0:20:49 Exploring the Benefits of Vision to Victory: A Course to Help Transform Your Vision into Reality

0:22:56 Balancing Business and Personal Life

0:27:21 Exploring the Shift in Boundaries Between Business and Personal Relationships

0:29:24 Conversation on Balancing Tension in Business and Personal Relationships

0:34:31 Final Thoughts

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