Ep #18 - Healing Trauma and Achieving Your Visionary Goals

The Karyn Jeneen Podcast

Jan 18 2023 • 41 mins

Running a business, especially as a solo entrepreneur, can be hard and society tells us push through, keep going and huste hard to get to the top. All the meanwhile, we're ignoring the messages our body is sending.

Cindy Costly is a CEO leader who is talking about childhood trauma, at ages 6, 14 and 15, its effects, and our natural protection.  She shares her own experiences and how her body has been a vessel to show how traumas can affect us. She also talks about how we can use our natural protection to help us heal and move forward. Additionally, she emphasizes the importance of taking care of ourselves, both mentally and physically. By understanding our traumas and their effects, we can begin to heal and live a more powerful life.

Cindy had lived with severe allergies since she was 15. She had allergic reactions to nearly all animals, foods, chemicals, and plant life. For 34 years she has lived with this diagnosis, relying on the support of her family and friends to help her get through doing everyday life stuff.  She had come to terms with her allergies, accepting them as part of her life. She tried everything to heal, but eventually just settled into the fact that she had won the allergy lottery.

Just ready for her soul to dance, Cindy, found a functional Western medicine doctor who told her to try a desensitization technique. Through healers, she learned that every single reaction was caused by the trauma she'd experienced at ages 6, 14, and 15. Her body was trying to protect her from further trauma.  Her body was actually trying to tell her something.

By speaking about her experiences, she hopes to provide insight and understanding to those who may be suffering in similar ways.

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