Ep #8 - In The Meantime

The Karyn Jeneen Podcast

Oct 12 2022 • 15 mins

Let's be honest, waiting is hard.

  • Waiting at the doctor's office to be seen,
  • waiting on the weekend,
  • waiting in traffic,
  • waiting for your kids to get their sh!t together,
  • waiting on your promotion,
  • waiting on an apology,
  • waiting for COVID to end...

The list can go on and on. When it seems that you are in a perpetual waiting stage, how do you handle it? How much do you complain and bicker and worry? Do you think this has an effect on the end result?

In this week's episode, Karyn Jeneen, talks about the BEST way to handle in the meantime moments. This one is sure to challenge you and your own status quo.

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