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Szn 2: My Brother The Felon and Me
Jan 19 2024
Szn 2: My Brother The Felon and Me
In this heartfelt episode of Sunny Side View, join us for a candid and enlightening conversation with Robert A., who shares his personal journey through eight years of incarceration for drug trafficking. In "My Brother the Felon," we delve deep into Robert's experiences, exploring the circumstances that led to his involvement in the criminal justice system and the transformative lessons he learned along the way. Robert opens up about the impact of his time behind bars on both his personal and professional life, offering a unique perspective on the challenges of reentry into society. The episode navigates through the moments of realization, growth, and self-discovery that shaped Robert's outlook on life and choices. Throughout the conversation, we discuss the role of rehabilitation within the prison system and the importance of support systems for individuals seeking positive change. Robert shares his thoughts on how society can shift its perception of those with criminal records and offers valuable insights for those facing similar challenges post-incarceration. "My Brother the Felon" is a compelling exploration of resilience, redemption, and the potential for positive transformation even in the face of adversity. Join us as we uncover the untold stories and lessons learned from a remarkable individual who emerged from the shadows of incarceration with newfound strength and wisdom. Tune in to Sunny Side View for a conversation that challenges stereotypes, inspires change, and sheds light on the human experience behind the label of "felon." --- Support this podcast: