Toxic work culture - fight or flight?

Workwise with

Jan 11 2023 • 25 mins

"My workspace is so toxic!”
"That company has such a toxic work environment”
“I can’t believe I survived in that toxic office for so long…”
– Some statements that we’ve heard, read and even said! But what is this toxic work culture? And how to navigate our way around it?
Should one fight it out or better to simply fly away to greener pastures?
Well, in this episode of our podcast we put spotlight on these questions and try to figure out a way to best tackle toxic work cultures and how to tackle them.
Our host Deepak Pareek explore this subject with the help of Sawan Kapoor who within a 8 years of his professional journey became the CEO of America’s largest privately held wine and spirits business. In addition, he  runs TruNorth Solutions, a career management firm.
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