Episode 102 | Mental Health and Business [ The 3C's You Need to Know]

Boss It Podcast

11-10-2022 • 12 mins

Today let’s chat about the 3 C’s that every business owner should possess to better your mental health.

1st C - Consistency: It will take time to reach your goals and it is unlikely that you will find success overnight. If you do find success overnight, you are one of the few that will! Being consistent will allow you the time required to build a brand and community around your offer and this will result in better business success! One great strategy for accomplishing consistency is to establish small actionable goals.

2nd C - Curiosity: If you have the capacity to be curious about your business, you will be able to create and innovate in your business. Curiosity will also allow you to be more open-minded and willing to experiment. You will need to innovate in your business for your business to continue to evolve and level up so curiosity is essential!

3rd C - Compassion: Being compassionate towards yourselves and others is essential for your mental health. You will make mistakes in business and if you can remind yourself that you are human, not only will you feel at ease to take risks and show up consistently, your mental health will be stronger!

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