Episode 107 | How to Start 2023 with Successful Goal Setting

Boss It Podcast

17-01-2023 • 16 mins

It’s January 2023 and it’s time to talk about goal setting! What is the significance to January 1st? It’s just any other date, right? Yes.. it is … but culturally, we have used the first of January as a starting point to frame our goals. Here are a few tips on how to make sure you set your goals up for success in 2023!

  1. Look to your North Star to guide you in your goal setting. What is the real reason you have committed to keeping your goal? It is helpful to align your goal with something other than money alone. Aligning your goal to an external cause will help keep you inspired to push forward when goals take longer to accomplish.
  2. Connect your goal to an already established routine. For example, if you want to take daily walks in 2023, the act of putting on your running shoes after your last daily meeting will help you move towards that goal of daily walks. Breaking down your goals into tangible single steps like putting on your running shoes, will help you move towards your goal. No schedule your small bit size steps into your day to bring you even closer to executing your goal!
  3. You will have days when you will need a break and may miss a day. Be kind to yourself and let yourself have some grace BUT get back on track! Tap into your North Star again and this will help propel you back into action. You should not let “getting off track” as an excuse to give up!

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