Episode 93 | Money, Marketing and Mindset - Why You Need to Focus on All Three in Business!

Boss It Podcast

12-07-2022 • 14 mins

For a successful business, you need to focus on Money, Mindset, and Marketing! Today I share my thoughts on all three topics and why you need to ensure you’re focusing on all three at once!

Why do we want to focus on all three domains in business? Well if you don’t make money in your business, it’s not a business.

How do you make money? Well, you need to sell your product or service. Sales only can occur if the ideal client or customer knows about the product or service. This is wheremarketing comes into play.

Finally, the mindset of the business owner will always drive the business toward the ultimate vision and goal for the business. It is the owner’s psychology that will dictate the growth of the business. If you have any doubts, check out Jeff Bezos and his relentlessness towards Amazon’s ultimate goal!

So you might be thinking... “Ok… well what is the easiest way to market”. Currently, the answer is influencer marketing through social media! This is the best Return On your Investment (ROI).

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A few additional marketing options are collaborations and networking with other businesses.

Remember, lead with the mindset that your ultimate goal or vision for the company will happen, and you are more likely to make this true as you will have fewer inhibitions to pitch and sell your product!

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