Episode 100 | Walmart Launch 2022 [What Happened Part 3]

Boss It Podcast

27-09-2022 • 12 mins

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Let’s speak about 2022 and our Walmart Launch onto the big shelf!

A few weeks ago a shared with you what happened in 2020 and 2021 when we launched our products on Walmart shelves in the middle of the pandemic. And let’s just say… it did not go as planned. The lockdown interrupted selling and we had to quickly pivot our sales strategy. If you missed these episodes, you can click the links below to catch each

What happened in 2020

What happened in 2021

Luckily 2022 was a little different and we didn’t have any COVID-related shopping restrictions!

Here are a few lessons I learned when working with a large retailer.

  1. Make sure you have a great promotion plan to help move the product off the shelf.
  2. Complete a postmortem or analysis of the launch or selling season. Ensure you document what worked and what didn’t work.
  3. Expect and plan for delays especially if you are shipping products from overseas. Even if you’re a service-based business and launching a new program, always ensure you are planning for delays and leaving “contingency” time aside.

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