Episode 106 | Business Takes Patience [ 3 Tips to Help You in Your Business Journey]

Boss It Podcast

15-11-2022 • 16 mins

Business takes patience and the “get rich quick” mantras do not work. Sorry…even if you make a quick win, can you replicate it again? Remember business may look easier on the surface than many would like to admit to!

Here are a few tips to get you on the right track to help build your patience as you march through the entrepreneurial journey and not give up!

  1. Set expectations with yourself that the goal you have in mind might take longer to accomplish that you had previously thought. Remember, there are no “get rich quick” options and if someone is selling this rhetoric, they are likely trying to “get rich quick” off of you!
  2. Ask for help and delegate out tasks so you will not burn out on your entrepreneurial journey. Setting expectations with others as well, regarding delegated acts or boundaries will also help prevent you from burnout! This also applies to anyone who is working a traditional 9-5 too! How to Prioritize My To-Do List [AND Reduce The OVERWHELM]
  3. Tell those that you trust your big goals so you hold yourself accountable and start making micro steps consistently. I share an example from my personal story of telling close family and friends that I was intentional with our first product line getting into Walmart.

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