Episode 97 | How to Prioritize My To-Do List [AND Reduce The OVERWHELM]

Boss It Podcast

23-08-2022 • 11 mins

How do you manage your to-do list? Here are my best-kept secrets to keeping on top of my priorities stress-free and with less overwhelm!

I follow the 4D method for productivity and funny enough when I looked for more information regarding the 4D Productivity Method, I didn’t find much! Gathering this information from great productivity gurus, David Allen’s Book Getting Things Done, I’ve put my own personal spin so we all can relate to our daily demands!

Grab the book here so you can dive into the lessons even more!
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  1. Start with a Brain Dump Daily! Get everything out of your head and onto the paper.
  2. Next, prioritize the Brain Dump and assign one of the 4Ds.

What are the 4Ds?

  1. Do It - you need to do the To-Do so put it into your schedule or calendar. Schedule the task at the time you are the most productive!
  2. Delegate It - you will need to give a few tasks to others so they can manage it
  3. Deferring The Action- if you don’t have time to finish the task or item, then place the item in a Parking Lot
  4. Delete It - have a look at the To-do List and ensure that everything on that list is still required. Do you need to do everything still?

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