Odd Stories


Do you have a story to share? Well, we have the means for you to share your story! All of us have that hidden storyteller within us with that one tale that is etched in our memories forever. And we’re here to bring that short story in front of the world. We give you a chance to share your story- it could be sad, happy, drunk, success, failure, love story or breakup story, anything literally. Our goal is to meet as many people as we can and find a sparkle in the mundaneness of their everyday life. AudStory has created a platform where we give you the microphone and you share your story. What do we do with your stories? Create a short byte-sized podcast out of it! And guess what? Your podcast, your language! Yes, it’s that simple. We bring you a new Odd Story every Wednesday and Friday, stay tuned… Make sure to follow us across all socials for updates and some fun BTS of Odd Stories. https://www.audstory.com/ https://www.instagram.com/audstory/ https://www.youtube.com/@audstory3698/ https://twitter.com/audstory/ https://www.linkedin.com/company/audstory/ read less