The Naghma Podcast

Vrinda Vaid

THE NAGHMA PODCAST is an ode to the craft of lyricism in the Indian (read Asian) Cinema Industry. Vrinda Vaid, the host of the Podcast is herself a screenwriter and an aspiring lyricist and takes pride in pronouncing the stories enveloped behind the most memorable and breathtaking songs that have been penned, produced and lived through the entire history of South Asian music making. Naghmon par apni zindagi qurbaan karte rahein.

The Joy of getting Murdered | Qatl-E-Aam ft. Rupinder KaurThe making of MOHE PANGHAT PEThe Art of Lyricism through Gulzar’s DILBAROThe anthem of longing | MIL NAHIÑ PAA RAHA ft. LikhariThe voice & tale of SAHIBAUnderstanding KHABAR-E-TAHAYYUR-E-ISHQ ft. Suhavi Kalsi