Are Your Surroundings in Alignment With How You Want To "Life?"

Rockstar Mindset

12-08-2022 • 9 mins

In this episode of Rockstar Mindset, we’re talking all about surroundings. What do you surround yourself with? What do you fill your mind with? Who do your surround yourself with? These are all important questions because believe it or not, what we eat, what we watch, what we read, and the people that we hang around all need to be in alignment with the life that we wish to live.

I think that at this point, most people are aware that the company that they keep impacts their life, but most people don’t stretch this reality beyond their friend groups. Your entertainment, education, and diet also encompass your surroundings and our detrimental to your growth or lack thereof.

This episode is all about creating the proper surroundings to live the lives that we want to live. Make sure that your surroundings are in alignment with the grand vision that you have for your life!

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