Dan Fleyshman | Building Relationships with Good Communication (Founder of Elevator.Studio) with Alex Quin

Hustle Inspires Hustle with Alex Quin

18-05-2020 • 24 mins

Having good communication and building relationships is key to growing your network. In this episode, Alex speaks with Dan Fleyshman, the youngest founder of a publicly traded company & Founder of Elevator.Studio. Dan explains how he was able to create his connections and the importance of understanding someone to know what value you can bring to their table. Learn how your relationships and connections can be a “superpower” in this week’s episode!

Podcast Outline

[01:34] I interviewed Dan about 8 months ago in Los Angeles

[02:18] Some background on Dan

[03:03] They haven’t built a relationship yet

[05:36] My first podcast interview with Andy Frisella

[06:25] The youngest founder of a publicly traded company

[08:24] There’s a lot of thing that you can do by being a public company

[9:00] Get access to FREE Resources

[10:08] Talk to us about Model Citizen Fund

[12:55] True leadership is possible

[14:26] Proper ways to reach out to somebody

[15:11] My actual circle is small

[16:50] Breakdown of Elevator Nights

[17:56] Biggest lessons that you’ve learned

[19:24] Let’s say Alex Quin & I make a lemonade stand

[22:48] Best book recommendations

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Resources Mentioned

Dan Fleyshman Instagram

Model Citizen Fund

Elevator Nights

Never Eat Alone by Keith Ferrazzi

Think & Grow Rich

Art of War by Sunzi

How to Set Up Your Business For Under $1000

Alex Quin’s Instagram

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