BONUS Holiday Episode

Unearth Your Genius

24-11-2022 • 12 mins

Here at Unearth Your Genius we know the holiday season can become crazy and stressful. That's why Regina L. Henry has prepared this special BONUS holiday episode for you to help give you practical tips and tools you can use to enjoy a stress free Thanksgiving.


  • Regina recalls her favorite Thanksgiving memories
  • In order to love on those around us we must FIRST do the love work for ourselves
  • 3 Practical Tips For This Holiday Season
  • Focus on Gratitude
    a. Be grateful for what is
    b. Gratitude changes and shifts your brain chemistry
    c. Gratitude increases the ability to experience happiness
  • Pursue Joy
    a. Take time to discover what brings you joy and go after it
  • Enter Into Radical rest
    a. Find what gives you the psychological break that gives you the ability to continue living and operating at the level of excellence you want to operate at
  • GENIUS TIP: DO NOT ritualize this: Any good thing you add into your life can become a God if you let it. Pursue progress NOT perfection.

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