Genius? What Do You Mean By Genius?

Unearth Your Genius

29-08-2022 • 17 mins

In this first episode, Regina explains what the word "Genius" actually means.  HINT: It's NOT what you think!  Regina also lays out the Four Steps you can take to begin excavating the Genius that is inside of you.


- What does "Genius" actually mean?
- 4 Genius components: Your Gifts and Passions (Inner) & Your Skills and Experiences (Outer)
-Vision, where you see your life going, will draw you to that place.
-Perspective is key: Kintsugi ~ golden repair (a Japanese approach)
- Use your D POWER
a. Decision
b. Determination
c. Diligence
d. Dedication
- To begin Unearthing Your Genius ask yourself:
a. What am I gifted at?
b. What do I do with excellence?
c. What do I love?
d. What reflects my values?
e. What is my backstory?
- GENIUS TIP: Don't rush the unearthing process

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