The Three Facets Of You

Unearth Your Genius

22-09-2022 • 11 mins

Did you know that you are a triune being? Triune means consisting of three parts in one. Your three "parts" are your spirit, your soul, and your body. In this episode, Regina breaks down the definition of these components and explains how they are an important part of cultivating the GENIUS that's on the inside of you.


  • There are 3 main facets to every one of us:
    a. Spirit
    b. Soul
    c. Body
  • Each has an impact on our Genius.
  • Most of us have lived hyper-focused on only one or two parts of ourselves.
  • You are meant to be fully expressed! If you stay in the box, people will miss out on the Genius that is you
  • Your spirit will tell you things that you soul or body may not pick up on and vice versa
  • Take care of your components:
    a. Body - Exercise and incorporate healthy eating habits
    b. Soul - Exercise your mind (ex. Read a book, limit technology, or practice self-control with your thought life)
    c. Spirit - Do things that make you feel full and alive (ex. Connect with loved ones or do something for the fun of it)
  • GENIUS TIP: Take time daily to intentionally support each part of yourself

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