Capacity and Your Genius

Unearth Your Genius

20-10-2022 • 8 mins

Did you know your Genius has a capacity limit? Often times we get burnt out and frustrated because we reach the limit of our capacity by saying "Yes" to things we should be saying "No" to. In this episode, Regina explains the power of saying "No" and how that word can help cultivate and expand the Genius inside of you

Episode Highlights:

  • Better is better until its NOT better
  • Adding more to our plate devalues us
  • Margins provide space
  • Don't be afraid to say "NO"
  • The best way to be able to do great things in your life begins with being great to yourself
  • When saying "NO" make sure you are clear and specific, firm and direct; do not negotiate and DO NOT apologize
  • GENIUS TIP: Practice saying "NO" to something you usually say "YES" to

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