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Episode 2 - Brand personas - What are they and why should I have one
Jan 16 2023
Episode 2 - Brand personas - What are they and why should I have one
About the content of the episodeA brand personality is a set of characteristics that a company's main target audience values and how they want their brand to be perceived. It consists of ways of acting, appearance and, through these, is also reflected in the brand's "behaviour", for example, in its actions and participation in social debate. A company's brand personality can be reflected on by asking, for example, "If the brand were a person, what would it be like?"A brand personality is made up of five important elements, which, if well managed, will help you build a persona that your target audience will fall in love with.The episode is part of our series "A Successful Brand in Seven Days" and this episode is the second part. 3 reasons to build a brand personality A brand personality is a critical part of positioning your brand in the marketplace and differentiating yourself. A brand personality humanizes a brand by giving it human-like characteristics and nuances. Contributes to competitivenessIncreases brand awarenessStrengthens customer loyaltyAnd of course much more, which you will find out by listening to the episode. Discover the 12 types of brand personalityThe 12 archetypes help to divide different brands into the "right boxes" that represent certain traits and characteristics.LoverCarerThe ordinary citizenLeaderIntelligentInnocentAdventurerOutlawThe TricksterMagicianHeroInspirerListen to the podcast and find out what kind of personality would suit your brand.