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Deepen your language skills and knowledge of the French-speaking world through fascinating true stories in easy-to-follow French, with added English for context. From Duolingo, the world's #1 way to learn a language. Hosted by Ngofeen Mputubwele.
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Trailer Season 8
2 mins
The Final Escape - The Rebel Thief, Episode 6The Trial - The Rebel Thief, Episode 5To Catch a Thief - The Rebel Thief, Episode 4The Night Crew - The Rebel Thief, Episode 3The First Heist - The Rebel Thief, Episode 2The Making of a Thief - The Rebel Thief, Episode 1Trailer Season 8La reine du codage (The Coding Queen)Le grand pari (The Big Gamble)Reconstruire le travail d’une vie (Rebuilding a Life’s Work)La comédienne de balcon (The Balcony Performer)L’élève courageuse (The Courageous Student)La chanteuse des îles (The Island Singer)Changer de camp (Switching Sides)Le plus jeune maire de France (The Youngest Mayor in France)Trailer Season 7Une visite guidée du Paris noir (A Tour of Black Paris)Polynésie, mon amour (Polynesia, My Love)Mont-Saint-Michel, mon amour (Mont-Saint-Michel, My Love)Madagascar, mon amour (Madagascar, My Love)