Welcome Marta Mazzoni - Episode 96

Where Exposure Brings Strength

Jul 6 2023 • 33 mins

In this episode, Jeannette hangs out with Marta Mazzoni.

Marta is a Grief Recovery Specialist, Intuitive Life Coach, Creativity Play Consultant, Mediation guide, and Yoga instructor. Listen in as Marta shares how she rediscovered who she was through loss and pain. Her spirit shines through in our conversation.

Marta will launch her next group grief program in mid-September and offers a sailing retreat to Turkey in 2024. We invite you to visit her website and get connected to this beautiful soul and find out what you might rediscover in yourself.

Marta's Website: https://www.martaonthemove.com

Email: Martafoos@gmail.com

Instagram: Martasonthemove

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